• XB3 Rekord was a fairly low end bike, with questionable parts and construction. Not only was is considered the worst model, but it was also pretty heavy and many of the parts had odd sizes that were hard to find. This is all I thought that XB3 was until I did a little more digging when researching Takhions, and discovered the Sport, Kvant, and Velosuper.
    I have since learned a bit more about the types of XB3 bikes available: Above the Rekord prior to 1980 were the XB3 Sprint, which was chromed and made of Columbus or Reynolds tubing, and Meteor, which was made of Nikopol tubing.
    Later, there were three other frames: the XB3 Sport Git, Sport Sprint (different from the XB3 Sprint), and the XB3 Kvant. The first two were made of Nikopol tubing, with the XB3 Sport Git being the lowest end model, but still much better than the Rekord, and the XB3 Kvant being the best, and also made from Columbus tubing. After 1990, the name Kvant was changed to Velosuper.

    The OP's is a Kvant, only found out about them a couple of weeks ago as I sold a wheeleset to a guy who's building one up.