• Picked up a new project today and figured I would document it and my other bikes here, otherwise I'd never take any pictures.

    Starting with my complete bikes:

    1993 Serotta Colorado Ti
    Born the same year I was. Graced with Chorus 11 and Reynolds Assault wheels. Was planning to go threadless with a hylix fork, but decided against it in the end. Nothing planned for it other than changing the saddle back to a China carbon SMP copy, and a slightly shorter stem in the future.

    2019 Cannondale CAADX
    Bought this for the girlfriend, but made sure that it could be adjusted to fit me when needed :^)
    No real plans for this either other than going tubeless in the future. And a carbon seatpost at some point. Otherwise stock with 105 R7000 stuff.

    90's Specialized Rockhopper
    Haven't bothered taking a picture of this beater, will get around to it at some point. Pretty much stock from the day it was born. Threw on a Wald basket, possible fenders come winter.

    And lastly, today's purchase, also "for the girlfriend" because she "needs a road bike"...

    90's Ritchey Road Logic
    In a beautiful cobalt blue that transitions into a purplish color. Geometry similar to the Serotta, but with a longer top tube.

    Already have a plan and most components around for this one, just need to find the time.

    1. Chris King threaded headset - locknut in a mismatched color but fuck it
    2. 8 speed Chorus groupset and Vento wheels - pilfered from the Serotta's original build
    3. China carbon seatpost + Flite Ti saddle
    4. Soma Hwy 1 bars

    Just have to figure out what quill stem to throw on here. Thinking maybe SimWorks or Nitto UI-2. Thoughts?

    Also want a mountain bike, but no idea where to go with that thought.


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