• I have the SKS edge AL 46 on my Cross Check and quite like them, easy to install too. They are perhaps a bit shorter than some other mudguards at the rear (fine for commuting, though I have installed RAW mud flaps for extra coverage). I think 40mm tyres are probably the largest you can mount with these mudguards (I’m using 40 G-One)

  • These are good guards, v easy to fit and look smart too. Agree on sizing - I run 40mm MSOs with a v slight knobble and couldn't fit anything wider in. One slight point: the rear bridge clip snapped on mine after not much use - these are plastic rather than the usual metal clips - but I managed to source a metal replacement from SJS, so job jobbed.

    P.s. I believe SKS have released a 56mm version since I bought mine, but not sure if they're available over here yet


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