• Continuing to introduce you my metal-stuff… This time my dailies.

    Before getting the Maxi Sports road frame from 1993, I used another Maxi Sports.
    This one was also in Columbus SLX but from 1994 and made for an unknown pro rider “TV”.
    I say “was” because I sold it: It was a bit small for me, it didn’t have its original fork and I bought it for its unexpected front wheel, a 650c Mavic 3G, afterall.
    In the meantime, I used it with a front rack to go to work.
    Below, as I sold it:

    Now I use 2 bikes: a vintage “Gillen” and an Orbea Katu 30.

    The Gillen is an artisanal frame made in Columbus SL with a full Campagnolo Chorus 1st. groupset:

    The Katu… Well It’s a recent ‘micro cargo’.
    I removed a bit more than 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs) with lighter components such as a Dura-Ace (7700) crankset with a better-looking chainring, a Flite saddle, a Thomson Elite seatpost, etc..
    I also tried to make the whole thing more reliable, for instance, by replacing the shiiiity grip shifter by a thumb shifter or by replacing all the bolts holding the ‘mounting brackets’ (everything was falling apart every week before).
    Plus some “tuning”, as we say in France.
    I usually ride it with the front basket it came with, but here it is without that very useful accessory:


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