• Man down. Me.

    Tues 3/8/2019 Hornsey road

    Going along about 17 mph.

    Nice chap in van looks at me, i look at him. he pulls out quickly. slam on anchors. hit van head first tumble a fair old way. Ambo and police on the scene eventually but looked after by some very kind passers by including the chap in the car behind me.

    Just been discharged from the whittington two days later. couple of snapped ribs and a small puncture to the lung. Those that know me will remember I have shit luck with lungs. Same lung that's collapsed a few times and been operated on https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/1711­17/

    Police said driver was at fault. Got witness statements etc etc. Following this all up now.

    Wanted to thank @spotter who was on the scene within minutes as I was off to meet him. Firstly I'd like to thank him for being handsome, and secondly for just generally looking after me, and liaising with friends/family/hospital etc and refusing to leave my side until I was settled.

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  • Look at that twat with the wonky eyelids, he is definitely not someone who would gain power of attorney from you whilst you were zonked on morphine...

    look at the dent @cake left in the van with his head

  • Shit. Heal fast and be thankful you’ve kept your good looks.


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