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  • The thick sections at the end are 50 mm long, so how long of the butted sections do I need to keep at least?

    Are you going to be using TIG or fillet brazing it? Obviously you won't be using lugs with a 44mm DT. The HAZ is smaller with TIG so you can get away with shorter butts, and larger with fillet brazing.

  • fillet brazing

    In that case, I definitely wouldn't want to take too much off. It's difficult to say how much you can take off, as all the ends of the tubes will be mitred apart from the top of the seat tube, so the tubes won't have a single length. Given that Cento comes in 25mm increments for the DT and 30mm increments for the TT, you shouldn't need to take much off anyway. Unless you're building a very small frame, in which case I really wouldn't be using Cento in the first place.

    There are two ways to really work out how much tube you'd need to remove and which size tubeset you need. The first is to use a program like RattleCAD or BikeCAD which will give you the tube lengths. The second is to draw it all out and then work out the depths of the mitres and add them to the resulting tube lengths.


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