• Some thoughts regarding the groupset to put on the Raleigh Maxi Sports.

    I'm still switching from C-Record (because of the iconic but unlucky 1989 Laurent Fignon build) to New Success (I always fancied that groupset) and going back to Dura Ace 7400~7402/3 (launched in 1990, the year the frame is borned).

    Regarding the last option, it's for me the easiest one 'cause I already have most of the components.

    I also have 7400 pedals and chainrings.

    I could start with the 7400 front dérailleur and switch to 7403 later.
    I could start with the 7403 brake calipers and switch to 7402 later.

    What I would really miss is a 7400 headset (while I have two 7410 spares) and 7402 brake levers, which were not that easy to find for another build (I have 7400 brifters but I prefer downtube shifters on those 90s TT frames).

    I wouldn't wait for a rare 7400 stem, it will be an ITM or 3ttt.
    And in any scenarios, I'll have to put what I find as 26.2 mm seatpost :x


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