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  • In what ways is it better than carradice? I'm in the market for something similar.

    The fitting, there's a lots of molle webbing which mean I am not restricted to the two holes and wooden pole that Carradice use, it allow a greater degree of flexibility especially those without a Brooks saddle, and I can strap it in specific area with the Bagman rack.

    The design, it's between the traditional Carradice saddle bag and the bikepacking kind, instead of it being wide, this one is much deeper, and can be extended much like a bikepacking saddlebag with a roll top design and the flap extended if needed.

    The weight, it's much lighter than the heavier duty Carradice, which going to be a big advantage in touring, even with the hardshell to keep it's shape.

    The sizes is closer to the Camper Longflap than the Nelson Longflap due to the extended roll top.

    Basically, I like it because it has the extra that I can't get from a Carradice, the biggest disadvantage is the cost.

  • Thanks ed. it certainly is a nice looking bag.
    If it fits your specific needs then the extra money is worth it.


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