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  • Yeah, a guy on the trail said the tyres were ‘optimistic’, his group were all on trendy disc g-road type things, a caad, a ti Reilly etc - I said that 23s were doing well and that discs brakes were nonsense... might have been a bit rude now I think about it 😬
    (I did get a pinch flat a few miles later and rushed to change the tube before they caught us - serves me right I guess)
    I’d do it again on 23c’s - it felt fast...

  • How many psi were you using? Tried this a few months back and lasted 5 miles until I flatted... then flatted again .. was on about 40 psi (twice) and had a pinch flat. Dick!

  • Erm, no idea to be honest - pumped them up to about 80psi a few weeks before the ride... 🤷♂️ Guess I could have got it back to 40ish with the pump I took with me, survived the rest of the ride 👍🏻


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