• Anyone fancy a weekend in London in November?

    Thanks to Virgin being shitheads who don't do refunds or exchanges for train tickets, I've got a pair of returns to London that I'd like to shift - we just need to swap for the following weekend cos our friend changed the date of her birthday party...

    The tickets are:

    Fri 1 Nov: GLC-EUS 17:30
    Sun 3 Nov: EUS-GLC 17:28

    The face value is £100 and you'll need a Two Together railcard - this railcard gets you 1/3 off Off-Peak fares so even if you needed to buy a new railcard at £30 it's cheaper than the full price ticket. What a world.

    The tickets are printable so I can either forward the confirmation email or meet at Central and release the tickets from a machine.


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