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  • going to call out spurs whole defence for both goals and in particular Rose on the second. KDB allowed sooooooo much space. Hard to believe any of those players are talking to each other and making sure people are marked and covered. In an era where defenders are not allowed to touch opponents and now not allowed to have arms all other defensive skills need to be on point.

  • Walker-Peters was at fault for the first, should never have Sterling getting back post headers without even having to jump. Think City's defence need to be called out a bit more tho. City had to defend two moves, and fucked up both. Moura should never be getting unchallenged headers in the 6-yard box, even if he did have to jump a little. Spurs were as dominated as I've ever seen a team be, but the keeper still didn't have to make too many saves.

  • Moura’s got a leap on him better than most six footers.

    Sissoko should have been on the cover for sterling’s header..

    City will concede goals, it’s whether any team is close enough for it to make a difference.


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