• Happy to post you the Shockwiz when I’m back- PM me your address.

    I drove to Rambouillet with my girlfriend, she’s currently riding Paris-Brest-Paris whilst I ride in Morzine, I’m riding on my own/don’t know anyone here.

    In terms of family friendly stuff there’s a lot- playgrounds, water parks, specific family trails. I would recommend speaking to someone with an actual family who has been here though- I’ve got 1.5 cats so I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

    Santa Cruz do demo days around the country, I’m going to book onto one to check out the Hightower- I may be better off riding the Scalpel and hiring.

    The hire cost for the Megatower was €600, which feels both expensive and actually fairly reasonable, still making up my mind on that.

  • I was part joking but would love to borrow it! I'm sure we can come to some sort of compensatory arrangement.

    The actual hire cost of a decent bike is something I hadn't really thought about much. At first €600 seems like a bonkers high amount but I suppose you would pay around £60 for a full days hire of a DH bike at Fort William.
    I'm surprised to hear the hire folk say you can only jump if you hire a v10. That seems ridiculous. Surely it's a given that all bikes they hire out are going to be hammered. It's a bit off putting and another reason to take my own bike.

    Driving to Morzine is hugely appealing. I could take two bikes if I drove in our Volvo. But if I go with family we would have to fly and have the hassle of taking a bike on the plane. Would need bike bag etc.

    It feels ok riding there solo then? Easy enough to find everything? Are you doing purely lift assisted riding, up to the top then ride back down? Any longer whole day rides linking up singletrack planned?

    Oh and embrace the rain and mud. Treat it like its good practice and training. Get used to that slippy slidey point that happens just before you wash out completely.