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  • @Dammit I quite like this thread. Had my doubts at first. Guy goes head first straight into mountain bikes with absolutely no idea. But thread title is honest.
    Fair play really, if you can spend the money then why bother with something cheap.
    When there was talk of getting your suspension dialed, I raised an eyebrow. Instead of googling shock set up, you bought a shockwiz. At first I had a lot of judgemental thoughts about that but then I seen the screenshots of the app and realised that I was in fact jealous and I now want a shockwiz. Or I'll rent one at least.
    You drove to Morzine in a Porsche. I like that.
    I'd like to drive to Morzine but cant get past the cost of petrol a 3 series.

    Are you genuinely thinking about selling the scalpel frame? If so I'd be interested if its size XL.

    As for mid travel trail bikes, I'd be conscious of something with 150mm and up travel. Depending on what kind of riding you mainly do then 150mm can start to feel slugish.
    I own a Santa Cruz Nomad v3 and a 5010 v2. The Nomad is a great bike but when all the reviews said it still pedals well for the amount of travel? Thats utter bollox. Theres no denying its a slog up the hills. It can be used as an all round trail bike but its a bit of work.
    True though that as someone else said longer travel bike like that can allow you to dabble in a bit of DH type stuff. Its worth taking into account just how much of the more extreme riding you will actually do.
    I got the Nomad with that idea then realised that it was great for the DH stuff but I wanted a more 'normal' bike for the majority of the riding I do. Thats why I got 5010.
    I haven't ridden the new hightower or megatower so can't comment on them but you should look at getting a demo of the new 5010.

    Did you go riding in Morzine solo? I've stalked you a bit on instagram and see that you made the trip with someone. Are you out riding solo or in groups or guided rides or anything like that?

    I've been dying to go to Morzine but I've no riding friends to go with. Thinking about going solo but would probably be better if I was able to take the wife and kids. Is there much to do there for my non cycling wife and 5 year old kids?!

    You should rent your shockwiz out to me. I promise I'll send it back.

  • Is there much to do there for my non cycling wife and 5 year old kids?!

    Morzine is a very large and legit town - there’s a huge outdoor pool and excellent hiking as well as all the usual indoor stuff. Loads of English speakers there in the summer for the cycling.


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