• It’s not a whataboutism competition about what to be more worried about. Having facial ID in the hands of landlords and developers with no oversight over what lists they use and how individuals are added and removed from them could easily lead to people being denied access to these public spaces because the AI has incorrectly flagged them as someone they are not and updated the image profile to include the new images. So someone drops litter in Kings Cross, gets tagged in a database, someone who looks a bit like them tries to go shopping in Leeds and is turned away from the shopping centre as they have been identified as someone who has previously violated the developers terms of use for part of its property portfolio. They have no idea why they are being turned away, write to the developer to complain and their real life identity is now tagged to the previous image along with the updated images from the shopping centre, they stay on the list because they haven’t been able to prove they didn’t drop litter in London and there is an inadequate appeals process. All quite a likely scenario, add in that BAME faces are more likely to be false positive identifiers and you have a system which discriminates by design.
    Sure we should be worried about what information we willingly hand over to large data collectors like google and Tesco but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t worry about this.


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