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  • Just to update the above. What is the verdict on customs charges when you buy something but the seller doesn't declare it is coming from abroad?

    Still not heard anything from xx, but at least something finally arrived. I assume it is the sinewave but I haven't received it yet as there is a large customs fee to pay to get it. It transpires it has come from the states, which I was not informed of in discussing the purchase. Is it my fault for not asking (I.e. should I just swallow the charge)? Or is that bad darts on the sellers end?

    EDIT: all worked out, poster name removed

  • That's bad on 3 levels. 1 they didn't inform you where it was coming from and how long it would take, 2 they ghosted you after sending it, 3 they didn't apologies for the other two fuckups and agree to cover the customs charge. I would not be happy about it personally

  • I was definitely unhappy about 1 and 2, but I should add that they haven't responded about 3 (or at all) yet, so I hold out hope they have just missed this whole thing... although not much hope...


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