Reaching out for some help here, as at present I'm in a bit over my head! I've been doing some dotwatching on this year's TCR, and now am completely hooked on the idea.

    I've done a reasonable amount of touring and multi day rides and can happily spend a few days in the saddle, but have never done "training" before - and feel like I need to train a hell of a lot and also clue myself up a fair bit if I'm to get close to having a crack at it next year.

    I've registered for the event, and if I get in, my current training plan is to cycle lots over the next year, ditch the extended cake stops and panniers/racks in favour of petrol station sandwiches and apidura kit and get something more sporty than my Surly ( 😔). From the limited material I've managed to uncover online, it looks like that's vaguely in the right direction. However, I've not been able to find any in-depth info on kit/training and would be really grateful if anyone knows any good resources for this kind of riding or could share any experience they've had with audax/TCR riding.

    Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated! (Couldn't see any posts on TCR advice already, but please shout if so)



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