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  • Whoop whoop indeed, I’m rather bloody pleased with how this all turned out. The last week has been a very different beast to the first - lots of people stretching the elastic and leapfrogging others, only to lose their lead the next day. My luck changed around day 9 after I’d had a few punctures and fallen behind the day before. I ended up teaming up with Jason Black #124 around Ostersund, and spent the last 5 days reeling people in. The last 3 days essentially turned into a 1000km long 2-up time trial. Learnt a lot riding with him too, he’s bloody strong and would’ve been at the pointy end if not for a crash and subsequent mechanicals.

    We caught Bruno Ferraro the day before yesterday and the 3 of us rode in this morning around 2am, joint 6th place at 13d 18h 15m. About a day and a half ahead of my original plan... it’s been a bit annoying not having my tracker working for the last few days, but not too bad as I was with someone else the whole time. Would not recommend using Endu trackers, such a hassle having to charge each day and then not working reliably/ only updating every 15 minutes at best.

    Injury-wise, my right ankle is still swollen but hopefully it’ll recover soon with some rest. Knees are creaking and making stairs v slow, and my gooch has been predictably massacred. Tooth brushing fell by the wayside a bit, and 10 snickers a day has left my tongue raw.

    Now the plan is to eat constantly for the next week. Taking the ferry/ trains all the way back to london so will have ample opportunity for rest. I tried to keep a vocal record of the race and will try and do a fuller write up once I’ve listened back to the recordings.


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