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  • But maybe what you need is a longer derailleur.

    Yes, I think that might be the "proper" way to solve this. My cage is 55.5mm which I believe is a short cage, suitable for 11-28T cassettes.

    Hopefully I can find a longer cage without having to replace the entire derailleur.

    That will pull the lower jockey wheel further forward but the upper one will stay in the same place

    Yes that's what I need. Currently in small chainring and smaller rear cogs, there is so little tension on the jockey wheel that both jockey wheels are roughly the same height, thus the chain comes out of the "lower" jockey wheel and is rubbing on the cage of the "upper" jockey wheel.

    is chain around the big ring and big cog, not through the derailleur and add 2 links.

    Yes, sorry that is what I meant. I went back another link and am also using a powerlink, so that's 2 extra links.


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