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  • Early 2000s Peugeot Peformance - 59cm ctc seat tube and 59~59.5 top tube ctc. £100 ONO

    Columbus Aelle tubing
    Ofmega Crankset
    105 10sp derailleur and shifters.
    Just about fits a 28mm tyre on the back and 25 on the front

    Been using this daily as commuter and finally replaced it with something smaller, I would of bought a new groupset and wheels if it fit me.
    Paint is tatty , a few patches of rust, and blank primer spots where the stickers have been removed. Selling as a complete but needs some parts replaced to be ridden safely. *one of the front dropouts is a but bashed in, makes taking the front wheel out a bit stiff but not having any other affect that I can see.

    Needs new;
    Pedals (not included)
    wheels (missing spokes, worn rims)
    Big chainring

    Could do with;
    Bar tape
    Brake pads
    front derailleur

    Collection in Sydenham, or Woolwich could be arranged

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