• As my Cinelli isn’t shifting, and my wife is being very strict on the 1 in 1 out rule, I am very reluctantly listing my Surly for sale.

    I nearly sold it in the winter but couldn’t bring myself to do it and I rebuilt it from a pure SSMTB into a full on bikepacking-meets-commuter bike and I fell in love with it all over again. Have done several big rides on it (circa 125 miles overnight through Dartmoor and Cornwall) and it rides fantastically.

    It’s a medium frame (18” IIRC) in used condition but it good working order with no major scrapes or dents and the wheels are Surly Ultra New hubs with Mavic rims (disc only). It’s pretty fresh from a full service, though the headset is a little rough but it’s a Chris King so perfectly serviceable. Can also change the handlebar setup if needed as I appreciate the current set up of Titec J Bars and TT extensions is not to everyones taste.

    I guess I’m looking for around £575 for this and can post at cost. Lights, pedals and saddle are not included but everything else is.


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