• Hot weather: Buttoned collared shirt that's loose fit - I like older Rohan models with two pockets
    Colder weather: Lightweight or heavyweight merino base layer
    Bibs underneath if it's a long ride
    Lightweight shorts - I like rab grey ones

    ^ this has been flawless for any ride I've done in the last 5 years!

    Also carrying stuff in pockets is naff however you do it. Fix your pump to your frame, and get a little saddle bag / stem bag / whatever for tools and food.

  • Highly support buttoned hiking shirts, unbutton them for some airflow, button them up for the drizzle. Old Rohan is plentiful + affordable on the bay of dreams too.

    Decathlon stem bag + barbag combo for #20 in total for ur food/spare tubes/whatever crap.


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