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  • Yeah they come up larger for sure, not got my callipers to hand atm but will check

    Slight snag with fitting mudguards is that there is no chainstay Bridge... I think I want to put proper guards on this as I don’t currently have a bike I could ride in the rain...

  • In the good old days no chainstay bridge would indicate a TT frame (yours is short wheelbase), my almost identical frame is an audax so bigger clearances and shallower head tube angle
    Does the frame have a chain keeper on the seatstay (?), I see it has a pump boss on the headtube - which seems a little contrary !

  • Ah interesting, thank you - no there is no chain keeper...
    @>>>>>> cheers!
    @amey yeah I hear you but kind of fallen out of love with Campagnolo due to price and not liking thumb lever position on the last set of levers I tried...
    These are the funky rotors > 🤷♂️


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