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  • My LA was one of the early declarers back in February. Even so the first public engagement was in June with a brainstorming session.
    It's as if we didn't know what the problems were.
    I used to work for the authority in the 1990's, and was there during all the feverish activity around the Rio summit and Agenda 21, which ultimately amounted to nothing.
    Last week the council said it was doing well on transport as 6% of journeys are now made by bike. Yet their own count says it was 2%. These declarations are not worth the hot air they are announced with without action.
    I don't think they understand how serious the threat is.

  • You're right.

    At least, now that councils have made the deceleration local campaigners within XR groups and independently will be asking them what their actions are.

    In my council H&F there are sustained letter writing campaigns to councillors and local MPs

    I wrote to my Councillor, Wesley Harcourt regarding plans for working towards travel behaviour change in my area (I gave him examples of some work done in Hackney around filtered neighbourhoods and the Liveable Streets programme), he responded asking me for specific proposals for him to discuss with his officers.

    I'm planning to start a thread in the 'changes in public realm' forum and see if @Oliver Schick and others have any suggestions.


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