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  • Corbyn rejected the findings of a recent UN report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

    “This report is a pack of lies, it is anti-scientific nonsense based on fraud which is intended to regiment people into paying more in carbon taxes and help the oil companies increase profits by increasing prices.” 
    “CO2 has no effect on the temperatures. The levels of CO2 are driven by temperatures.”

  • It's unfortunate he gets so much publicity, I assume at least in part on account of his more famous sibling.

  • [Piers] Corbyn characterises climate science as a tool of the “globalists” and sees George Soros as a kingpin in a global movement of “globalist elites” who are using climate science as a cover for a “deindustrialisation” agenda.

    That must be a fun topic of conversation at the Corbyn dinner table.


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