• What's the general consensus on buying-tidying-selling bikes as a way of supplementing a salary and cutting down office hours? @Dogtemple mentioned it previously and i had a brief chat with @littleK a while back about this, keen to find out what experiences people have had with this.

    I don't earn a high salary so i wouldn't need to make much to make it work but as i'm someone that isn't very good at switching off i'd be concerned that mentally it could be a bit much (thinking about builds, listings, checking pm's etc).

  • I do a bit of this, more for fun than profit, but it all depends.. I have a fella who supplies me with bikes.. they range from £20-30, I buy them, give them a clean, new cables, tyres etc and sell on.. Best I did was a Raleigh for £25 which had full Shimano golden arrow and put £3 bar tape on it and sold for £125.. I also got a Kona mountain bike and blew the tyres up and made £80.. I just enjoy playing with bikes.. and I was off the bike for about 9 months with health issues, so it was a great way to potter at things when I couldn't ride.. I have 4 bikes sitting at the house needing attention at the minute!!


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