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  • Im all for lowering saddle. It seems to be alleviating but I do lose optimal leg extension. I have tried a specialised avatar. We’re same issue - ass was okay but pinching my bits. Now riding with a specialised stub nose but the ass now hurts but private’s aren’t being pinched. The search continues

    Bike fit is unfortunately too pricey for my pockets

  • How are you so sure that you’re in “optimal leg extension”?

    If your hips are rocking in anyway your saddle is too high (which as everyone including me seems to think).

    Also were you also running the Specialized saddle nose down in the same way the Turbo is in the picture above?

  • FWIW, I'm the same height and inseam as you, and I ride a frame 3cm smaller than yours with much less seat post showing.
    I'd echo others on here and suggest dropping the seat post down, leveling the saddle and see how you get on

    Your leg shouldn't be fully extended when at the bottom on the pedal stroke


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