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  • Heading off to Ireland in a week or so and have nothing planned apart from probably getting the train from dublin straight across to galway - it seems that the best is in the west when it comes to ireland?
    Any strong recommendations as to which direction to push off in from there? We only have around 9 days or so. I'd thought about heading back across the country and trying to arrive back in dublin but maybe staying in the west and exploring around there more might be better

  • Can't remember if I posted in this thread, but I wrote something for someone somewhere. I can forward a pm I definitely wrote if you like.

    The short version is you are right, the West is good, but there are some other nice bits. I think I had the best time in Kerry and Cork, but if you look for some small roads you'll probably find what you're looking for. I found the midges around Galway were a bit of a bummer though.


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