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  • It's more that they are roughly the same price, but have a lot more features and way more powerful.

    The downside is, they are not a combined "easy to use" wifi router.

    I use­ for my router

    with the Unfi AP AC lite for wifi.

    Easily max out my line, the router tends to tap out around 800->900Mbps.

    Configuration is ok, if you can follow a guide (or work in networking). I honestly have very little set up, but I have an ethernet connection for internet.

    Note: the router does NOT have a DSL/Cable modem in it, so you might need one of those ontop,

  • Possibly, but if Unifi is too pricey for you, take a look at Draytek's offerings.

    Their PoE switches start at about £150 I think.

  • They're just power supplies.

    Having recently changed some of my stuff around I do have a ubiquiti router and wi-fi AP (I'm not sure which one) I'm planning to sell if you're interested.

  • Maybe I misunderstood, assumed that the Unifi router that you were recommended supported PoE and that was a feature that you require. As @aggi says, they're just power supplies.