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  • Yours is sectional? We had to go roller at 6m.
    Whole house is done in the green, looks nice, but is about 4x the price of white...

  • Yup; sectional.

    They could have just attached a motor to the existing cantilever door for about £400 but I hate those ones so we had to pay £££ to get a 4-month-old garage door scrapped/replaced.

    Still, the sectional looks really nice so i'm happy with the choice.

    We have a light green front door and were tempted to match it but it was a lot more expensive and everone elses garage doors are white anyway.

  • Yeah, not a fan of the up and over doors, take up all the roof space, amazed how small a roll our one takes up. Sectional looks good, slightly less industrial than the roller.


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