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  • Anyone got any route advice for dieppe down towards Brittany. Heading out this week for 10 days or so, no real plan but loosely thinking ferry to dieppe, ride down to St Malo, ferry back. Will be riding fixed and camping

  • I've done Dieppe to Mt St Michel on a fixed gear with a tent on the back in a Carradice. Was an ace trip! Was a bit spontaneous but got me over a broken heart...

    I went overnight from Dieppe to Pont de Brotonne which is another bridge you can cycle over. Velo Route de Lin got me quarter of the way there and then it was small lanes. Get on OSM cycle maps on RideWithGPS and you'll see you can get most of the way to St Malo using almost exclusively cycle routes.

    I reached the bridge early in the morning which was dramatic as there was lots of hanging mist below. The run off to the south side of the Seine was super fun on a loaded fixed gear! Not sure I'd have enjoyed it at a busier time of day though...

    Followed the coast from Honfluer (which is a nice stop off) to Arromanches-les-Baines to see the remnants of WW2 landing jetties. There's a good viewpoint on the D514 coming in. But the coastal roads are quite testing fixed - quite up and down.

    I then followed the Velo Routes through Bayeaux, down to Mortain and then across to Mt St Michel. Bayeaux to Mortain was lovely winding lanes through small villages and farming landscapes.V40 from Mortain to MSM was seemingly a former railway line mostly covered by trees and was a welcome break from the heat (I'm ginger). Nice gentle inclines though for one gear.

    Turned around to Avranches to get a train back to the ferry in Ouistreham. Municipal campsites and hypermarches all the way.


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