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  • A chinese friend told me that google is blocked in china because google wants to spy on chinese people and know what they're searching for - that privilege is reserved for baidu and the government. (disclaimer: I use baidu maps)

  • I found Apple maps worked fine in Shanghai, Google maps worked but everything had a 200-300m drift so it was fine for working out how far something was from something else but not routing (as seen by my shit show mobike navigation)

  • Yep, apple maps is fine and pretty up-to-date. Like you found, google maps drifts all over the place and it's also not totally current, there are metro lines missing from it apparently. Even if you can read chinese, the mapping situation is pretty poor here - the map in the equivalent of yelp is absolutely horrible and once asked me to scale a wall. Baidu maps also suggested swimming across a river, I was not impressed.


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