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  • Now i've found a used 1x12 50w JCM800 combo for £550...

    It's in Leeds tho.

    Help me out dudes. I want a giggable workhorse all valve 30 to 50w 1x12 or 2x12 combo. Preferably original handwired rather than modern reissue. Budget under a grand. Thinking SF Fender, 80s or 90s Marshall, maybe an Ampeg Jet? Doubt I'll find a Vox in budget.

    I've had Peavey Classic 30s, SF Fender Twins and Pro Reverbs, Vibroverb reissues in the past but, have nothing giggable at the moment which is hampering my desire to rockthefuckout.

  • There were a couple of really nice looking Music Man amps on FB marketplace last week, needed new transformers so really cheap. I’d have been tempted if I wasn’t up to my eyeballs in ‘projects’ already.

    They’re gone now, but there are a few nice MM combos around in the £500 area, if you were looking for a point to this post.

  • Good transformers are fecking expensive. I blew the output transformer on my JCM800 and a new decent one was over 200 quid on it's own - that's like 20yrs ago too and they haven't got any cheaper. Size definitely matters - you can run a pretty dinky one with just a pair of 6v6s. But any of the 40/50w big tube amps need some muscle.

    @BleakRefs - yeah, I loved my JCM800. I had the 50w, 2 x 12 with the footswitch. Loads of great, pinch harmonic hair tones but also a really sweet crunch running with the master volume around 5 o clock and the pre-amp sizzle turned down. I just ran a boss super overdrive and a cry baby into it in the end.


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