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  • Not a bad price for the JCM especially if it's a 2 x 12 combo. Pretty sure they're PCB wired though.

    Easy and cheap to convert SF Fender to Blackface Fender specs which I think sounds nicer. SF Twins are cheap (here at least) as they're so frigging heavy and loud no one wants them anymore. Bandmasters are worth a look - you can swap the solid state rectifier for valve simply to get that deluxe (reverb) sound. They're good value too.

    Got to be some nice hand-wired tweed deluxe clones available under a grand secondhand too right? Loads of people make them. Dead simple, sound great. I know a fellow here with one set up with 2 x 10 instead of the 1 x 12 and it sounds fucking aces.

  • Vise Amps will show you how to make them. Brilliant course.

    But those 50w 1x12 JCM 800 combos are incredible. You can push them to heavy metal distortion but the sweet spot is super wide crunch. Take pedals like a dream too.


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