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  • Aha brilliant. Thanks this is perf. My plan was to get the 5 hr train (think they're all 5 hrs) from Nanjing at 530 on a friday, is the latest train, and stay a night in Huangshan city, then the morning, get the bus in climb a bit, stay night on the top as you did, get the sunsets and rises and then leave kiddish day Sunday?

    I'll take this to PMs if you don't mind, don't want to clutter this thread unless no one cares.

    My mandarin is non existent and ability to locate hotels etc likely also considering I don't have an eye for the symbols. Am tryna formulate the foolproof plan.

  • Sounds like a good plan! Feel free to PM me.

    I gave another friend (who speaks/reads zero chinese) the same plan so it should be doable with no chinese skills though I can't guarantee foolproof as TIC (This Is China). When I was at the top of the mountain the visibility was terrible so seeing the signs wasn't always easy but they were in chinese and english.


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