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  • This fisherman said they're all bulls.

    I might be wrong. Either way, they were just all very inquisitive and friendly. And wanted to lick everything on the bicycle, especially the chain.

  • That's a bullock in your photo. Farmers would never put 40 odd bulls in a field, especially if it had a footpath in it (that would actually be illegal, it's also illegal to have dairy bulls in fields with public footpaths running through them as they tend to be more aggressive).

    Bullocks in general are curious but quite harmless as per your photo and when people get trampled to death by cows (which happens every so often, normally dog walkers or farm workers) it doesn't normally involve bullocks but females with maternal instincts.

  • Good info.

    Yes SUPER inquisitive, they all wanted to know what was going on. Very friendly.


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