• Down in London for a conference for the end of the week & have a six mile commute, due booking hotel at the last minute (first two I tried were fully booked). A few observations from someone used to riding a four mile commute in Leeds:

    • Cycling seems normal! There's some proper good infrastructure, & some not-so-great stuff, but at least you have infrastructure.
    • A lot more singlespeeds/fixed gears, since it is really rather flat around here.
    • So much warmer in London than Leeds.
    • Air feels a lot dirtier than in Leeds, which in itself, isn't a particularly clean city either.
    • London just goes on & on & on. Much more waiting at traffic lights than I'm used to in my commutes due to the density of roads.
    • Seemingly every car is a German SUV.
    • Your taxi drivers are even worse than ours - had two close misses due to drivers not checking their mirrors.
    • More interesting bikes to look at, but they're all moving. Every locked up bike seems very ratty.