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  • Also, if I were you I'd get the ESTA as well. I appreciate you may not need it but in my experience the agents at the border crossings south of Vancouver (both US and Canadian ones) can be quite variable in their approach to how they handle you. I've had them wave me through after I washed my passport and my visa stamp had gone and had them make me go and wait in a line for two hours despite having my ESTA AND a visa stamp from my original arrival.

    More documentation can't hurt and it's only 14 dollars.

  • It’s interesting to hear about the border crossing - every border I have crossed on a bike has been really easy, was wondering if it would be similar crossing into the states by bike as have heard US borders can be a nightmare.

  • From Victoria > Seattle I was asked a lot of detailed questions but ultimately it was fine. Didn’t have a return ticket or definite end date for my trip.

  • Look like you and I are heading to Vancouver in September.


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