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  • No offense taken. I have .ARWs and the "worked on" JPGs. They were taken on a Sony A7.

    Didn't hire a wedding photographer, my friend took them so it's all a bit more DIY.

    He's been through and edited them all. We did a cheap test print run and he's going back through them again before I get them printed again properly.

  • Ah that's alright then, I'd probably get the finished pics in .tiff as well as .arw for keeping. As for printing, as long as they export the sizing and dpi correct then it makes no difference if they are .tiff or .jpeg.

    .tiff is much better if you want to have large prints, but with the small size you mentioned, it doens't matter.

    I normally send clients decent quality .tiff and if I want to make a point, like they have been a dick or something then I'd send them small size highly compressed 72dip pics that are just about good enough for Instragm or FB... until I get paid. :-P


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