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  • Good thread. This is my job.

    Metro and Printspace in London don’t do anything to justify their inflated prices.

    If you’re in London and want really nice fine digital printing, go to Genesis.

    If you’re happy to have prints sent to you Photographique in Bristol are good. Or Palm in Birmingham.

    If you want really lovely C-types or Silver Gelatin from negatives PM me for recommendations.

    And always, always, get C-types over inkjet (aka “pigment”) prints. Inkjets are shit, even the fancy ones.

  • Seconding Photographique

    Weirdly my degree ended up specialising in hand colour printing, so for once in my life I actually qualified to comment

  • Photographique

    Their price list mentions they scan everything (prints and negs) at 72dpi then resample to 300 if needed for print.

    That has to be a mistake right?


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