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  • For high end printing, I always go with Spectrum in Hove, they are expensive, but worth every penny.­QobChMIh_TOnKSc4wIVxrDtCh31bQd3EAAYASAAE­gKujPD_BwE

    For a London based lab, I have no personal experience, but have heard good things about them - Bayeux

    Surprisingly, the online shop Photobox does pretty good jobs and quick turnaround. I have never used them for exhibition prints but I have used them many times for anything that I don't intend to sell ...

    Metro Imaging has a cheaper self service strand, no? I have only used them once but I have heard from folks who have been using them forever that their quality isn't as good as they used to be... ?

    I wouldn't go anywhere near Printspace, their print technicians once told me black is black, there is only 1 type of black, take it or leave it. They also argued with me on a different occasion that sometimes prints would come out of the machine with tiny scratches. What happened was that my prints all came out with deep scratches on the same place and they told me it was within their error margin... until I insisted for them to check their machines and made a scene, they then very unwillingly checked their machine and found a bit of paper got stuck on the roller causing the scratches. I was not offered an apology and I was made to wait a long time for reprinting my work that they should have prioritised.


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