• By the way I should say I don't support BC's actions, it seems like they're trying to censor the forum and shut down free speech from what you've said @Velocio? Out of interest, what role does the person who contacted you at BC have?

    Also if BC are extending their remit and demanding editorial oversight on affiliated clubs this is news to me and (as the communications officer for my club and a professional communicator with about 15 years comms experience) I don't think it will work very well - how many clubs do they have again?!

    It sounds like in practice LFGSS CC is being singled out, so pushing back may be a better option than jumping straight to removing the affiliation. I can't help thinking there's an important principle at stake.

  • what role does the person who contacted you at BC have

    "Ethics and Compliance Officer".

    It came to their attention when a person reported LFGSS to BC over comments made in the doping thread. The person in question had a vested interest, but the comments that were shown to me, whilst critical of BC, were not against our T&Cs.


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