• I think @Fox is probably right. If BC are extending their remit and are demanding some Code of Conduct or editorial oversight on affiliated clubs (whether or not BC oversight is a positive thing on local clubs is another conversation) then a huge, amorphous and mostly digital "organisation" like LFGSS / LFGSS.CC is no long appropriate to be a BC member. This place already treads - or is forced to tread, however you want to see it - a very fine line of free expression vs safe-guarding certain "riders" or user groups. If, as one example, BC wanted information or oversight on the lack of women riders / that the ladies forum has been nearly empty for two years should give pause to the idea that putting in place any sort of external moderation structure is a good idea.

    I have entered some cross races and did a bit of track league as an LFGSS.CC which was fun and I appreciated "feeling like I was part of something larger", but it looks to me as if the time has come for people to join proper club like VCL, or simply go the independent route.