• As in... do you race under the banner and do you need this to exist?

    I ask because British Cycling seem to desire to extend their code of conduct for cycling clubs (a reasonable thing) to the forum (an unreasonable thing), which is giving them an idea that they have an editorial power over the forum.

    This creates different issues for me, in that the terms and conditions that we have are not wholly compatible with another third party wishing to assert their code of conduct onto the forum.

    So with this in mind I wish to consider removing affiliation with British Cycling.

    If there are major objections, please voice them soon.

  • Had a fairly decent run at the HHV track league in 2016 repping lfgss.
    It felt good to wear the lfgss flag; as someone without any formal race experience, ‘normal’ CCs felt exclusive, and un-knowable; our forum felt like the common person’s club/the outsider’s club; it suited me well, and I would do it that way again, circumstances permitting.


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