• My work's moving to a new office in Shoreditch so instead of my current up at the crack of dawn to drive round the north circular and wonder why I've become everything I used to hate, I can now get a train into Paddington then find my way over.

    I'm wondering about cycling routes rather than getting re-acquainted with the hell of the tube. The office is on Curtain Road, so options seem to be the A501 (bus/cycle lane) or go A40/A401 (which seems the more popular according to Strava). Any advice/experience related to either would be much appreciated!

  • I wouldn't go either of those routes. A501 is really busy and traffic doesn't move much and A40 is Oxford Street which is full of buses, taxis and lemming-like pedestrians.

    I'd go Wigmore Street/Mortimer St and then either Theobald's Road, Clerkenwell Rd, Old St. (Although I would look for a way round Clerkenwell Rd, it's a bit grim but no routes around spring to mind).


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