• Unbelievably, it gets even worse:


    OK, fortunately it seems less bad than originally reported, but still--she attributed views to Eilidh that she couldn't have known she would have held:


    After the Guardian published extracts of the letter, the family managed to track down the woman. She is a non-blood, distant relative they insist they have never met and whom Eilidh would not have known either.

    They were originally told the woman had claimed to be Eilidh’s aunt, but after listening to a patchy recording of the meeting it sounds like she simply claimed to be a “relative”.

    Kate Cairns, Eilidh’s sister, a road safety campaigner and an advisor on managing road safety risk, said the woman mispronounced Eilidh’s name. She transcribed the recording and says the woman said: “It’s difficult for me not to be emotional because Elodie [sic] Cairns was a relation of mine and I totally disagree with this scheme …

    “It’s going to be dangerous and I’m sure Elodie [sic] would be very upset with the very thought of such a stupid idea coming forward.”


    Kate Cairns said the woman in question used her sister’s name “to give credence and authenticity to her own personal views”, which she insisted were “completely contrary and conflicting to those of all Eilidh’s family and all of her close friends”.