• The Sun served me fantastically last summer, but now I'm going to be working in Cambridge full time and I feel bad abusing that lovely old frame through another winter, so for now it will go into storage and await a genuine restoration with period correct parts rather than living as a shitty fixie conversion. Godspeed, patriot.

    Which brings me onto my latest in a long string of dumb ideas: turn my old GT Palomar beater into a fixed gear commuter. The reason for this is that I love this frame and can't bring myself to sell it, despite it being utter garbage and having virtually no working parts right now. It's supposed to be a 26" wheel frame but lacks a rear disc mount, and I'm sick of using crappy old 26" rim brake wheels that weigh a ton and don't brake particularly well. So I'm sacking off the rear brake, squeezing in a 700c wheelset with an eccentric rear hub so that I can ride fixed, and mounting a Surly Straggler fork with nice hydro disc brake up front.

    Am I insane?