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  • @XJimX @M_V

    Thank you a lot! Your ideas are very useful.

    I create this app on my own. Due to a full-time job, I work on that on weekends :)

    I was thinking to add Settings to the app where you will be able to specify wheel and tire size, and the chainstay length, etc. It's in development now.

    I can easily rearrange screens with results. So, stay updated :)

    Cadence and speed are also in my backlog because friends of mine also asked about that. It will be done for sure. Can't estimate but it will.

    Thank again for all your ideas. You're best!

  • Cool.

    It’s a really nice interface. The graphics and animation set it apart from the others I use.

    Probably would be worth increasing the largest chainring size. 53 isn’t very big for trackies.


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