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  • Huh. Thanks, I did not know that. Can someone confirm?

    My experience with MTB components is exactly 0, is the difference essentially that MTB cassettes are only offered in much wider ranges than road ones, or is there any further difference? Beyond the width thing?

  • Cog spacing is the same (I think!), obviously the ratios are different, but the way they’re designed is that MTB cassettes overhang the 11t cog beyond the end of the free hub overhangs the big sprocket inboard of the freehub to get the spread, where as road freehubs are slightly wider to accommodate the extra width of the cassette.

    I’d you google something to the effect of ‘hg800 10 speed freehub’ you’ll see what I mean.

    The other option is swap for a Campag freehub & casette, Campag also managed to make 11sp cassettes fit 10sp hubs (again someone correct me if I’m wrong). All 11sp cassettes are cross compatible in practice. That would make it easier to get road appropriate ratios.

  • Hmmm true, I read about the Campagnolo option but it's not necessarily a cheap thing to swap the freehub body.

    However, I'm also considering experimenting with a 1x setup, in which case an 11-34t cassette might not even be that wrong.

    Thanks for your help!

  • MTB cassettes overhang the 11t cog beyond the end of the freehub

    No, they overhang the big sprocket further past the other end of the freehub. Both MTB and road cassettes already have the little sprocket as close to the dropout as they can.