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  • I saw that could be done with lithium grease, tried it and made very little difference. Plus, I'd rather avoid getting issues in the future or having to do it every 3 months when the grease "runs out".
    I will try something else but I'm worried that a denser grease might prevent the ratchets not locking properly...

  • It can't be that loud that grease couldn't silence it. Serviced and greased a Chris King the other week and yeah, the owner requested for less buzz/clicks and a good dab of synthetic grease did the job with notable reduction.

    Could you be missing a seal or two? I know of riders with Hope hubs who have removed the seal between the hub and cassette to make it louder!

  • I'll give the Lithium grease a go and hope it helps. I found a couple things online that I can try. Basically, they're just low viscosity greases that are specced to make freehub quieter amongst other. I'll test and report back.

    I don't think it's missing a seal, or at least hope not since I'm the first owner and haven't had to clean or service the freehub body yet...

    Thanks for all the suggestions!

  • Not using Chris King grease? Tut tut.