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  • Did it. A little paralysed with what to do next. I have some rough ideas - and would like to get some garlic and onions in over winter but have accepted that I essentially have a long 'prep' time now for next spring.

    Plot is basically dried grass and some brambles which have been strimmed back. Have dug out the worst of them already. Should I just rotavate the whole thing, cover it in weed membrane and then uncover and clear out as I go? The logic being that by the time I get to spring next year I won't have uncovered a lot, so should be a-ok underneath - and I only have to manage the bits I choose as I uncover?

    What would my other options be?

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  • Not too late for some late potatoes...

  • I’ve just taken a similar plot with one side a bit more cultivated than yours but still plenty of weeds and the other considerably more overgrown. My plan is to do no dig. Cover a part of the less weedy bit with cardboard and put a 3x1.5m raised bed on that. And fill with compost. Plan for the first bed is carrots and raddish. I’ll then repeat this raised bed process as I get more wood and compost.


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